Conservation and Collection Care

Before, during and after cleaning treatment for painted silicone and foam latex sculpture affected by bloom caused by poor storage conditions and elevated relative humidity levels

Before (above): storage of historic passementerie in bags emitting harmful VOCs, with items bundled together and causing damage to fragile textiles

After (below): oversized items packed concertina with archival materials supporting folds to prevent future damage.  Other samples rolled with archival materials, secured and labeled on objects and packaging for easy retrieval and allowing works to be stored without causing damage to themselves or adjacent items.

Collection and Exhibition Management and Conservation services

Advise on and undertake cleaning of 2-D and 3-D artworks across mediums

Thorough reporting on conservation treatments with step-by-step photography

Advise on environmental conditions and lighting restrictions for works on loan and on display in offices and residences

Implement established mitigation measures required to ensure collections safety, including monitoring dust levels, pest activity, and other environmental factors posing risk to a collection.

Photograph artworks and execute condition reports with detailed notes, packing, handling, and storage recommendations

Assess risks to condition of artworks based on current storage methods, and implement permanent housing to a conservation archival standard