Collection and Exhibition Management and Conservation services

Exhibition Management

Organise all aspects of exhibition logistics including producing loan lists, monitoring status of loans, and arranging transport and casing in accordance with individual exhibition needs

Negotiate and produce contracts with touring partners with details on cost sharing, catalogue production, insurance requirements, and transfer of responsibilities

Oversee facility reports, design proposals and build specs, advising on display requirements, access restrictions, and conservation standards

Review international government indemnity schemes and commercial fine arts cover policies, negotiate terms, and apply for indemnity and/or commercial cover when necessary.

Manage and oversee external consultants (designers, curators, conservators, contractors), obtain necessary information, verify details and deal with queries and difficulties as they arise

Construct timetables, schedules and team-working plans for reference by external stakeholders (curators, exhibition designers, conservators); internal staff departments (Art Handlers, Security, Engineers) and touring partners.

Manage all aspects of exhibition logistics for touring exhibitions including, but not limited to, monitoring individual lender requirements, size and value restrictions for travel,  assembly of load plans, appointment of courier escorts and related travel details, etc.

Undertake courier duties both in transit and in-situ for installation and de-installation as required.

Manage budgets and budget forecasts for internal and travelling exhibitions, monitoring costs and highlighting potential overspend, processing of invoices and tracking of payments

Negotiate and produce contracts with designers, contractors, and external handling and transport companies

Execute condition reports and review reports for changes resulting from transportation and display